samedi 27 août 2011

52. Au bord de La Seine

Je suspect ces scènes sont répétée chaque dimanche quand le ciel est bleu, le vent souffle, et le soleil est brillant. Personnes ensemble, dehors pour regarder chaque l'autre. En mouvement au bord de La Seine par tout méthodes – au pied, à la bicyclette, au scooter ou aux patins. Et quelquefois, dans le milieu du vert immense, une personne ne va pas n’importe où. Une personne qui aime le silence, et qui aime lire.

What I was trying to say

I suspect these scenes are repeated every Sunday when the sky is blue, the wind soft, and the sun shining. People together, out to be seen, and to watch. Moving along the edge of the Seine by whatever means possible, be it foot, bicycle, scooter, or skates. And, occasionally, out in the middle of a vast expanse of grass, a person not going anywhere. A person simply enjoying the silence, and reading.

2 commentaires:

Creepy Query Girl a dit…

beautiful pics! The weather is so fickle here- best to take advantage when it's nice outside for once:)

Julie a dit…

Many thanks for your visit. I have not been to Paris for longer than a month, and have found the weather to be mostly wonderful.

I am considering visiting during the winter because, judging from the photos I see, that gives such a totally different face to the city.