mercredi 8 décembre 2010

34. Encore La Rue Mouffetard

Levez haut votre yeux à le présent , et voyez en avant à le futur. Changer est un bon chose et c’est être encouragé. Je suis réservé voyager à Paris en Septembre prochain, et j’ai loué le même appartement en Rue Descartes que j’ai eu ce septembre. Mais, maintenant j’ai décidé voyager encore à Paris en mars. J’ai chercher plus l’appartement que j’aime. J’ ai besoin de un appartement vieux et ne cher rien , avec internet mais non l’escaliers. Je pense j’ai trouvé un bon appartement à près de Musée Rodin.

* * * * *

Lift up your eyes from the present, and look ahead to the future. To change is a good thing and is to be encouraged. I am booked to travel to Paris next September, and have rented the same apartment in Rue Descartes as I had this September . But, now I have decided to travel to Paris again in March. I have to find another apartment which suits me. I need it old and cheap, with internet but no stairs. I think I have found a suitable apartment over close to Musee Rodin.

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"All things French" a dit…

I love Rue Mouffetard ~ it was on this street that I tasted my best ever creme brulee and looking at your photo, I'm sure it was in the little cafe with red canopie. We were staying over in Rue Monge and walked over to this street often.
I stayed in an appartment in the
7th arrondissement last year it is between Eiffel Tower & Musee Rodin (just off Rue Cler) but I will check if it has internet connection!

Julie a dit…

Ooh, yes please. I will contact you for more details.

I can only confirm this apartement in Rue Bourgogne come this Monday and it might be gone by then. Things move so fast.

Virginia a dit…

Oh Julie,
Bless you. I took one look and I have tears in my eyes. This holds such wonderful memories for me. Thank you.
I wish we'd land in Paris together one day. I'll be there in less than a month. Paris.....j'adore.

Alexa a dit…

You are a lucky woman, Julie! Two trips to Paris to look forward to—wow.

Julie a dit…

Yes, Alex. I am looking forward to it immensely now that both are booked.

No so much good luck, as just a plan that I have acted on.

altadenahiker a dit…

I have no idea why this photo takes me straight to Paris. But it does.

Julie a dit…

I agree, Hiker. This is the epitome of my Paris. The higgledyness of it all.

My Paris is the people of the narrow streets. It is the smells and the proximity.

My Paris contains the massive monuments and the sweeping vistas, but is not defined by them.