lundi 10 janvier 2011

38. Après Willy Ronis – Le chaland sans l’enfants

Ronis a pris son image dans dix-neuf cent cinquante-neuf et j’ai pris mon image dans vingt cent dix. Ma l’image a été prise de Pont Alexandre III semblant est vers Pont de la Concorde avec le Louvre dans l'arrière-plan. Mon chaland, `Ardelle', est chargé avec le sable. Ronis a un spectacle beau de La Seine, mais son photograph est précieux parce que de les deux petit garcons ils jouent dans le chaland. Que est il avec ils jouent ? Peut-être il est les roues de un vieux landau.

* * * * *

My photograph was taken looking east from the Pont Alexandre III looking toward Pont de la Concorde with the Louvre in the background. My barge, Ardelle, is loaded with sand. Ronis has a wonderful view of the Seine, but his photograph is precious because of the two little boys playing in the barge. What are they playing with? Perhaps it is the wheels from an old pram?

4 commentaires:

Alexa a dit…

Nice shot (even without little boys)! Did you know that you can take a Willy Ronis "tour" (and meet his grandson)? Eric at Paris Daily Photo talked about it—on this post.

Julie a dit…

Ooo .. that would suit me. I will go hunt through Eric's site and maybe even mail him. I would like a Ronis tour when I am in Paris in April. I must start some lists, and check them twice, etc ..

Alexa a dit…

You don't have to hunt—the link is right there (but go back a couple of posts, because there's more about this). Sorry we'll miss each other—you arrive 3/29 and I leave 3/28. Quel dommage!

Pepe Le Pew a dit…

I love the B&W with the boys. Perfect shot.