samedi 2 avril 2011

39. Je m'inquiete (je mets a jour)

Ce matin, je suis allée à La Saxe Marché. Il a eu très facile. Vous tournez à gauche à Le Musée Rodin, traversez Le Blvd des Invalides, tournez à droit traverser face de Les Invalides, tournez à gauche promenade L'Avenue de Ségur à L'Avenue de Saxe. Dix minutes à pied.

J'ai froid parce que je n’ai pas porte mon manteau – le soleil me braquer sur moi. J’ai achete un bag étoffe pour une euro, alors avec ma courage tout, j’ai demandé en francais pour:

Une poire (Williams)
Cinq les champignons
Deux les tartes portuguese
Une petite baguette
L'Oeuffs - un demi-douzaine, et
Des fraises.

Ça me coûte treize euros soixante quatre. Alors, je suis allée à ma maison - vite!

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Ann a dit…

Is that a cabbage. Looks too pretty to eat. This is fascinating. Something I would love to do one day, but in Italy.

freefalling a dit…

Oh wow, wow, wow!
I dream of growing vegies like these!
Those are the tomatoes I'm gunna plant next year.

They didn't scoff at your French?
You have to try one of those radishes and tell me what they are like.

Julie a dit…

No, they don't scoff any more, not if one tries. They have a slight smile, but an encouraging one. The hardest thing is that if one starts moderately okay, one gets a torrent in return, and THAT is hard to handle, making the next sentence jumbled because you have one idea what you are responding to.

That I gather, because I googled it, is a Romanesco cauliflower (b. oleracea botrytis). It is a natural fractal being composed of lots of logarithmic spirals.

I have to be careful of the quantities I buy, as there is only me to eat it and I want to go to a market every couple of days to practice my 'buying' French.

The tomatoes look spectacular I agree, and anything tied in bunches and piled up makes for a good photograph. The fish and meat looked good too, but the photo is a bit off-putting.

That last photo is as you actually walk away from the stalls. They are immediately behind me as I took that photo.

I willl put a translation up next time. Just forgot this time. Hoping that Kirsten might read this post and suggest corrections for my French. Big difference between writing and speaking though ...

Kirsten a dit…

I have a few moments while your darling grand-daughter, who has been up crying since 4am (perhaps related to the tooth that has pierced the gum and is coming through now), is chewing her new hairbrush. The daylight savings changeover is hard.

For what it's worth, I don't think you need to post a translation. It is very clear what you mean for the most part.

One specific comment: I am not sure if the heading is meant to be "I am anxious" or "I am impatient". I think what you are looking for "je m'inquiete" (grave over second last e). You only need avoir with I'm hot (j'ai chaud), I'm cold (j'ai froid) and I want (j'ai envie) - otherwise etre (now I'm generalising!).

One general comment: French is a very precise language. In English, we drop "the" and "a" a lot. You're doing this so much better, but it's still in there. Another example: in English, you don't have your coat with you, but in French you haven't worn or taken your coat with you (je n'ai pas porte/apporte mon monteau).

Julie a dit…

Yes, I wanted to convey how anxious this excursion made me. Tomorrow, I go up to the hardware store on Rue Cler to buy une natte antiderapante pour dans la douche et un gros bouchon pour l'evier (acute on first e). All these challenges will eventually make it easier. Thank you for that info. Today I listened to Marine Le Pen in a furious debate with some men. They all talk over each other!!

Yes, daylight saving is not easy and I had not thought about Alannah. I might have my sleeping pattern sorted today. No use getting out on the street before 10am as the froggies are still asleep. I am glad the hair-brush is coming in useful!!

Rae Walter a dit…

Wow! Such artistry in your photos. Love it. Takes me there.

Virginia a dit…

Have you tried those photogenic radishes avec beurre? Something I thought too foreign but found I enjoyed. Love everyone of these photos Julie.

Julie a dit…

Thankyou both, Rae & Virginia. Radishes with butter, Virginia? You mean cooked I presume. I have never eaten cooked radishes, yet I have eater radish all my life. Shall experiment!