vendredi 8 avril 2011

41. Bons cieux!

Donc, encore une cimeterie. C’est tragique, je sais.

La conversation elle est allée donc:
‘Excusez-moi, madame. Il y a une femme là-bas. Elle était enterré ce matin. Est-ce que vous savez sa réputation? Il y a beaucoup fleurs à Le Presidente de la Republique. Ils sont tres belles et ils ont beaucoup le parfum.’
Pourtant, elle ne sais pas, mais avec sa mère, elles traînent là-bas voir. Je les parlait ce matin plus tôt, à la tombe d’autre femme avec beaucoup les fleurs.

Le cimeterie de Montparnesse est très beau et avec beaucoup l’amour. Et avec beaucoup la vie. Les tombes sont creusé. Les tombes sont lavé. Les fleurs sont arrosé.

Les vieux marchent. Les vieux s’asseyent. Et attendent.

La voyageuse - c'est moi - observe en le silence.

So - another cemetery. Tragic, I know!

The conversation went thus:
Madame, there is a woman over there, who was buried this morning. Do you know who she was? There are flowers from The President of the Republic. They are very beautiful and very fragrant.

Madame did not know but, with her mother, shuffled over to see. I had spoken to her earlier that morning at the grave of another woman with many beautiful flowers.

Montparnesse Cemetery is very beautiful and full of love. And full of life. Graves being dug. Graves being washed. Flowers being watered. Old people walking. Old people sitting. And waiting.

The traveller - me - watches in silence.

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Julie a dit…

So - go for it. If you can give me pointers, corrections, suggestions, they are most welcome. As you might understand, I am not giving myself an inch in what it is that I wish to say. Publish and be damned, I think is the motto.

freefalling a dit…

What's the little housey thing in the middle?
And those trees - do you know what they are?

Dianne a dit…

I was thinking the same Julie do you know the name of those beautiful blossom trees? they stand ever so pretty against the sombre grey of the cimetiere. I'm curious who is the lady was with the sweet flowers from "The President of the Republic"

anni a dit…
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anni a dit…

wonderful motto !

now everyone is wondering whom the presidential flowers are for !

10 avril 2011 21:08

Julie a dit…

The wreathes all indicated that she was someone who had a long history of involvement with the arts. The number of wreaths was amazing.

I am trying to find a good reference site for trees in Paris. It is tempting to say that these are cherry blossoms (there are many of them around), but - me being me - I want to have proof.

Peter a dit…

I have checked a number of your posts now; I'm really impressed by the quality of your photos! Bravo!

To answer a question above: The "housy thing" you see is of course an abandoned, but left, windmill. There were many of them around Paris once upon a time, some 20 at least on top of Montmartre (2 remaining).

Virginia a dit…

Ahh our Peter has found your blog! :) He is of course our expert on all things Paris. :)

Julie this last view is amazing, but all are of course your wonderful work. I so enjoy this trip to Paris with you.

Julie a dit…

Thank you to you both, Peter & Virginia. Peter, today I'm off up to Montmatre. Moulin Rouge does not interest, but I will see Galette and the cemetery. Must get up there well before Easter when from experience, it becomes a mad-house of people. Many thanks to you both.