samedi 16 avril 2011

42. Les petits magasins du mon quartier

Je suis allée à Le Bon Marche Rive Gauche près de Metro Sévres-Babylone le jour autre. C’est vraiment aussi un centre-commercial avec la marque styliste. J’aime rien ces magasins! Je suis sorti vite!

Je préfère les magasins dans ces photographies. Les magasins petits comme ceci ils s’appelent ‘ribbon development’ ou ‘high street’. Ces photographies sont dans le sixième et le septième arrondissements. Ils sont dans La Rue Cler, La Rue de Grenelle, La Rue de Varenne et La Rue du Bac.

‘Stylo Bac’ vende le stylo. Je vois les gens qui écrivent avec un stylo dans le parc ou dans le train ou dans la café. Ils travaillent les mots croisés ou le Sudoku. Je s’apprend le mot croisé énigmatique. C’est très difficile. Très, très difficile. Je suis lente. Je bois le vin rouge. Je suis lente encore!

The little shops in my neighbourhood
I went to Bon Marche on the Left Bank close to the Sevres-Babylone metro the other day. It is really just a shopping mall with designer labels. I never like these shops. I left quick!

I prefer shops in these photographs. Little shops like these are called ‘ribbon development’ or ‘high street’. These photographs are in the sixth and seventh districts. They are in Rue Cler, Rue de Grenelle, Rue de Varenne and Rue du Bac.

‘Stylo Bac’ sells fountain pens. I see people writing with fountain pens in parks, in trains, and in coffee shops. They are working the crosswords or the Sudoku. I teach myself cryptic crosswords. It is very difficult. Very, very difficult. I am slow. I drink red wine. I am more slow!

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diane b a dit…

You are doing well with the language. Clever clogs.

Milanblogger a dit…

wonderful neighbourhood and amazing little shops captures

Rae Walter a dit…

Wonderful captures of the street life and atmosphere

freefalling a dit…

Guns for all occasions?

Check out that leadlight on the tissue(?) shop - it's extraordinary.

Love these photos - I love to big them up and pour or pore or pauvre over all the little details.

Julie a dit…

Letty - or even poor which is what one returns from Paris as! The gun shop was astounding to me. I had to return again and again. Why a gun shop? And why in that part of Paris? There was always someone parked in front. How dare they? Yes, the little shops are wonderful to look at. So much nicer than any department store. Although there are some shops in Paddington that are not too bad as well. I will hunt them through when I get back.

Rae - The street life is a magnet for someone like me. However, only on this side of the river. I get a very bad reaction as soon as I go over the other side. Just not me at all. Which most people find very wierd, but I am used to me by now.

taio a dit…


diane b a dit…

I'll join you with the red wine but not the cryptic. I forgot to check this blog as its not on my side bar. So I have been catching up. It is very good and very clever in French but i have to read the English. I'm hopeless at languages even though I picked up Swiss German years ago I still can't speak it fluently.