mardi 16 novembre 2010

23 .La promeneuse de la rue Mouffetard

Quelle un femme éblouissainnte à la ‘soixantes ‘ ( ??)( à la ‘60s). J’y pense de Vanessa Redgrave, avec la long cheveux blanc et la stature droite. Je éspere elle achete des poissons frire dans la pâte et du vin rouge riche lui laver en bas.

* * * * *
What a striking woman from the ‘60s. She reminds me of Vanessa Redgrave, with her long white hair and erect stature. I hope she buys some fish to fry in batter and some rich red wine to wash it down.

* * * * *
Alice has suggested that the following might be a better translation:

Quelle femme éblouissante venue des années 60. Ses longs cheveux blancs et sa silhouette bien droite me font penser à Vanessa Redgrave. J'espère qu'elle va acheter du poisson à frire et du vin rouge pour accompagner son repas.

What woman striking to come from years 60. Her long hair white and her silhouetter very right me makes to think of Vanessa Redgrave. I hope that she goes to buy some fish to fry and some wine red for to accompany her meal.

I need to take more care with my paragraph in English, first. I need to 'think' more as the French do. Thank you, Alice. I do appreciate your help.

4 commentaires:

Alexa a dit…

Very evocative, Julie. She actually looks like someone I knew in Paris in the sixties! My friend also had excellent posture. I wonder if . . .

"All things French" a dit…

Ah!! je pense que c'est Vanessa ? Non.

alice a dit…

I'm happy if that helps! And yes, we, French, have a convoluted mind, full of "le", "la", "les", "un", "une", des", etc ;-)

Virginia a dit…

Alice helps us all. I"m grateful. I applaud your efforts to comment in French Julie. I am so slow to get there .

THis woman is elegant in her own way. You find the most wonderful people in Paris and Sydney.