lundi 29 novembre 2010

31. Centre Pantheon, La Rue Cujas

Beaucoup pays en le monde sont en tumulte financier sévère. Les personnes pauvres désirent un bon niveau de vie. Ils désirent bonnes maisons semblable à les riches désirent. Beaucoup de banques prêtent l’argent mais quand les personnes pauvres ne remboursent pas le prêt, les banques commencent tomber. Les politiciens aident les banques mais n’aide pas les personnes pauvres.

En France, Monsieur Le Président, n’est pas un homme populaire. Beaucoup de personnes démontrent dans les rues avec les bannières, et hurlent les slogans. Arrêter la douleur financière, Le Président désires augmenter l’âge de retraite à soixante-huit, et arrêtes les salaires plus hauts. L’homme dans la rue, ne pense pas cet est juste, et ne supporte pas Monsieur Sarkozy.

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Many countries in the world are in severe financial tumult. The poor people want a good standard of living. They want good houses like rich people. Many banks lend the money but when the poor people do not refund the loan, the banks start to fall. The politicians help the banks but not the poor people.

In France, The President is not a popular man. Many people demonstrate in the streets with banners, and yelling slogans. To stop the financial pain, the President wants to raise the age of retirement to 68, and stop higher wages. The man in the street does not think this is fair, and does not support Sarkozy.

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Alexa a dit…

I'd love to ask the man in the street how he'd solve these problems (although if they raise the age here in the U.S. for collecting Social Security to more than 66 before I get there, I'll be marching in the streets too!).

Julie a dit…

The Old Age Pension (OAP) here is a bit variable, but 65 is the most common age.

There is a push to have everyone responsible for their own retirement, as universal compulsory superannuation was introduced about 25 years ago. In effect, you pay yourself a pension from your life-time savings. That is how I retired last year at the age of 61.

Elan a dit…

I really feel sorry for Sarkozy. He is in a difficult position. The French economy is on trouble and someone has to be the bad guy and reduce the spending. It is a shame that no one wants to compromise. You can't spend money you do not have.