mardi 30 novembre 2010

32. L’Institut de France

Nous regardons de la porte de derrière du Louvre à travers de L’Institut de France. Le téléobjectif fait cette courte mais il y a un grand route sur chaque bord du Seine qui est traversée par La Pont des Arts. 'L’Académie française' est dans L’Institut et il y a quatre autre académies dans L'institut. Cette photographie est pris en Le Palais de Cour qui est a entouré par Le Pavillon des Artes, Le Pavillon de L’Horloge, Le Pavillon de Sully et Le Pavillon de Flore. J’ai allé maintenant en Paris aux visites quatre et je n'ai pas vu le Louvre intérieur seulement le bâtiment extérieur. La queue est très loin.
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We look from the ‘back door’ of The Louvre across to The Institute de France. The telephoto-lens makes this short but there is a major road on each side of the River Seine which is crossed by Pont des Arts. The Academy Francaise is in the Institute and there are four other academies in The Institute. This photo is taken from the Palais de Cour which is bounded by Pavilion des Artes, Pavilion de L’horloge, Pavilion Suly and Pavillion de Flore. I have now been to Paris four times and have not seen inside The Louvre only the outside building. The queue is very long.

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Virginia a dit…

I looked at this and was puzzled. Thanks for the telephoto description. Nice one. I feel like you about the Louvre. She's so grand on the outside, I"m unable to spend my short days in Paris, staggering around inside trying to make sense of all the wonders. I"ve been once. I hope to have enough time there to explore more. In January, we'll be a block away.......maybe! :)

Alexa a dit…

This is a really cool photo, Julie! BTW, you need to go to the Louvre with me—there's a "back entrance" (usually no waiting) and after some years living in Paris (in the '60s, when the Louvre was free every Sunday), I do a pretty comprehensive tour in a mere 20-or-so minutes.

Julie a dit…

I am in the middle of organising two separate trips to Paris during 2011 - one in April and the other in October.

If I may, I will come back and quiz you on that back entrance!