samedi 20 novembre 2010

26. Un paysage étranger

Le Marais n’est pas ma mode de vie. Je reconnaîs que c’est belle, mais, pour moi, cellui-la la beauté n’est pas suffisante. J’aime aussi la beauté du âge et la beauté du désordre.

* * * * *

The Marais is not my style. I agree that it is beautiful, but for me, that beauty is not enough. I like the beauty of age and disorder, too.

Ma fille dit:
Je reconnais que c'est un beau arrondissement mais, pour moi, c'est une beauté qui n'est pas suffisante. J'aime la beauté de l'age et du désordre.

* * * * *

Attention! Je suis désolé. Je ne suis pas raison avec mon emplacement ici. David et Laurent conseillent ce n’est pas Le Marais, mais dans un passage près de La Madeleine. Je vois ce maintenant sur le plan. Je prendrai plus le soin dans le futur. Merci, mon amis.

Attention! I am sorry. I am incorrect with my location here. Both David and Laurent advise that this is not Le Marais, but in an arcade close to La Madeleine. I can see that now on the map. I will be more careful in future. Thank you my friends.

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Paris Paul a dit…

A toast then, to time and disorder.

George a dit…

I must say that I enjoyed Les Marais, when I visited Paris. I don't know I liked the fact that it was alive, with beautiful small stores, narrow streets and cosy Cafes.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond a dit…

I am not sure that I have been to this section of the Marais... very nice, indeed!

"All things French" a dit…

J'adore Le Marais- je pense que il-y-a beaucoup d'ambiance.
J'aime votre photographie

David a dit…

Was this picture taken in the Marais? I think this might be the "Village Royal" shopping area in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris near l'Église de la Madeleine. That area is a few miles west of the Marais.
Your photographs are fantastic. They capture emotions as well as the beautiful scenes of Paris.

Julie a dit…

Oops ... *blush* ... your are totally spot on, David! Running between Rue Boissy d'Anglas and Rue Royale. Quite distant from Le Marais ... but similar ...

Thank you for picking that up. I shall be more careful in future. Thank you for your kind words about my photographs.

Virginia a dit…

J'adore le Marais!

Laurent a dit…

Hey Julie, nice picture but this place is not in Le Marais. It's called the Cité Berryer in the 8th arrondissement. It's a pathway to which you access from the Rue Royale near the Madeleine Church.

Julie a dit…

Yes, thank you, Laurent. David mentioned that to me as well. I will add a comment to the post to correct my error.