mercredi 24 novembre 2010

27. La jeunes filles voluptueuse

Si je se rappeles correctement, cette est à côté du Louvre, avec L’école du Louvre en le arrière-plan. Un tableau delicieux des la jeunes filles voluptueuse attendent dans un labyrinthe des haies surprendre les naifs à l’étranger.

* * * * *

If I remember correctly, this is close to The Louvre, with Ecole du Louvre in the background. A delicious tableau of voluptuous maidens wait in a maze of hedges to surprise innocents abroad.

5 commentaires:

Paris Paul a dit…

You're exactly right on the location, Julie! The statues are by a guy named Maillol who is very well-known for his voluptuous statues. Your beautiful photo really goes them justice. Congratulations!

bitingmidge a dit…

You are correct, and you make me question what flaw is it in me that made me mock them so!

Thanks for providing a sensible balance!

Virginia a dit…

Oh i"m laughing. These voluptuous maidens remind me of one I photographed in the Marais, surrounded by some lovely roses. I titled it : In Full Bloom! :)
I think "les girls" are as well.

Baino a dit…

GAH only just found this. That's where we fed sparrows which landed on our fingers. Must come back.

Mike a dit…

They look so real.