vendredi 29 octobre 2010

16. La Rue Ortolan

Sur la virage de la Rue Mouffetard et de la Rue Ortolan est ces graffiti. Je pense c'est magnifique! La rue Mouffetard est une rue là est rien comme. J'ai plus les graffiti vous montrer à ces rues.

* * * * *

On the turn of Rue Mouffetard and Rue Ortolan is this graffiti. I think it is wonderful! Rue Mouffetard is a street like no other. I have more graffiti to show you from these streets.

6 commentaires:

Alexa a dit…

You've captured three things I love in Paris: beautiful bookstores, clever street graffiti, and good-looking men!

Julie a dit…

Stick with me, Alexa. As I go through my photographs, I find a GLM in many of them!

Anonyme a dit…

Looking forward to more shots of the graffiti!

Virginia a dit…

I have a lot from this area I still have not posted myself. I don't remember this funny one though. I agree with Alexa, Monsieur is easy on the eyes.

Philippa a dit…

My husband is fascinated by Paris graffiti, particularly that in ceramic or paper. He has posted some of his photos at:
You may have seen some of these creations during your walks.

Philippa a dit…

My husband is utterly fascinated by Paris graffiti, in all its forms, particularly paper graffiti and the creations made with little ceramic tiles. You might enjoy some of his photographs:
I look forward to more of your terrific takes on Parisian life!