lundi 25 octobre 2010

13. Les Deux Magots

Avec son père, elle a mangée le petit-déjeuner à Les Deux Magots en Le Blvde Saint-Germain. Ils vont maintenant chercher les chasseurs. Elle adore le shopping et porterait la mode.
* * * * *
With her father, she ate breakfast at 'Les Deux Magots' on the Boulevard Saint GermIn They go shopping now to look for shoes. She adores shopping and wearing the latest fashion.

7 commentaires:

Ann a dit…

Okay, translate tells me its 2 barbary apes, not maggots. Much more enticing.

Petrea a dit…


freefalling a dit…

I'd go to a restaurant called
'The Two Maggots'.

That kid looks like she has more style in her jauntily placed hat than I have in my entire shaved head.

Julie a dit…

She looks wonderful, Letty, doesn't shee. I suspect she will be expensive to live with by the time she is 15!

Francisca a dit…

Elle est charmant, Julie.

[Tu sait, bien sûr, que "le shopping" n'est pas correct, mais ces jours, on le dit assez souvent en France: Elle adore *faire* le shopping (faire les courses) et *porter* la dernière mode. Elle adore porter. L'infinitif. ]

Virginia a dit…

Perhaps my favorite photo of yours. We need to chat about the asking price. I'm willing to pay. This is just magnificent.

Julie a dit…

That is very sweet, Virginia. But I never do anything for money.

This image in particular, whilst sweet, is flawed. If the traffic light post and flange were not there, it might have more merit.