dimanche 31 octobre 2010

18. La Rue Soufflot

Cette est une belle rue et seulement cinq minutes à pied à ma chambre. L'eglise Saint-Etienne-du-mont est en la gauche. Mon magasin favori pour la écharpes est en la Rue Soufflot. Voilà! Le Pantheon est magnifique, oui? Le bâtiment est très grand et le espace intérieur est immense. J'etait arrêtée de la glorie de La France.

* * * * *

This is a beautiful street and only five minutes walk from my room. The church St Etienne is on the left. My favourite scarf shop is on Rue Soufflot. There! The Pantheon is wonderful, yes? The building is very big and the interior so vast. I was stopped by the glories of France.

6 commentaires:

Alexa a dit…

And one of my favorites too. My apartment (back in the day) was just a few steps down the hill from the church. Thanks, Julie!

Joy a dit…

just starting visiting your space . . . you're very good . . and your comments provide just that little extra -- what other little spaces and views should I not miss when next I'm there?

Paris Set Me Free a dit…

Hello Julie,
Just discovered your blog thanks to Keith at 'A Taste of Garlic' and really like your photography. Great street scenes captured with sensitivity for people and places. Thank you!

diane a dit…

You're hooked!

Virginia a dit…

I know that scarf shop. Hell I know them ALL! I've bought one all over Paris! :) The Pantheon is a wonder. the church as well. Your "hood" n'est-ce pas? :)


Philippa a dit…

I also found this wonderful series of photographs through "A Taste of Garlic." So...what is the name of the scarf shop?